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Aged Cheddar Aged Cheddar $14.50
Limburger 8 oz Case Limburger 8 oz Case $42.00
Aged Cheddar Small Aged Cheddar Small $8.00
Blue Cheese Blue Cheese $8.50
Smoked Baby Swiss Smoked Baby Swiss $7.75
Beef Landjager Beef Landjager $1.75
Beef Sausage Beef Sausage $4.75
Beef Landjager Box Beef Landjager Box $18.00
Limburger 8 Oz. Limburger 8 Oz. $3.75

CMC Cheese - Buy Wisconsin Swiss, Cheddar Curds, Limburger and other Green County Area Cheeses Online

CMC Cheese products originate from AWARD Winning Cheesemakers. The Southern Wisconsin area, with it's Swiss heritage, continues to produce the finest cheese in America. Based in Green County Wisconsin, We can offer you the finest cheese from America's Dairyland.

We will continue to offer the finest cheese from the Green County Wisconsin area for the lowest cost to you. Please let us know if you find a better price, including shipping on the Web. Thank You!


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Swiss Wheel Cut Swiss Wheel Cut $9.65